Rig features


We’ve engineered this rig with a focus on ergonomics.

The hand grips provide a good, solid, non-slip surface, and are positioned to give the firmest support to the rig.

The grip on the horizontal sidebar enables you to avoid involuntary movement and shakiness when holding the rig with one hand to pull focus with the other one.

A properly balanced rig allows you to capture smooth images. The medium and double plate version has a counterweight inside the tubes on top of the shoulder.

On the light version, the structure allows you to add third-party accessories alongside the camera, or a small weighted pouch at the end, over the shoulder, as a counterbalance.

In case you were wondering, the rig is made of 15mm copper tubes so as to be compatible with third party accessories.



A rig for DSLR cameras. Engineered by indie film-makers, it’s a ready-to-go solution, no parts to assemble, no more shaky hand-held footage.

Designed and manufactured in London, UK.

The project is supported by a community of film-makers, who work together to create useful and functional film-making tools.

Any questions? We’d love to hear from you: info@fixedrig.com

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